Strategic Missile Squadron

SM-65           Atlas F      1962-1965

  Altus AFB       Altus, Oklahoma





Below are links to other Missile related web sites.  Some of the links are to Atlas Strategic Missile Squadron web sites.  Others are to Atlas missile related sites.  Simply click on the link below to open that web site in a new window.  If you have a link that you would like to have added to this page, please contact us.


        Missile Properties for Sale - www.siloforsale.com


        548th Strategic Missile Squadron - www.548sms.com

        551st Strategic Missile Squadron - members.tripod.com/sms551association/

        556th Strategic Missile Squadron - www.556sms.com

        567th Strategic Missile Squadron - www.567sms.com

        579th Strategic Missile Squadron - www.579sms.com


        Fitz' 556th Champlain Site 1 - www.killerjeanne.com

        Alexander Michael's 556th Lewis Site 5 - www.siloboy.com

        Association of Air Force Missileers - www.afmissileers.org

        Atlas Missile Silo - www.atlasmissilesilo.com

        Titan 1 Epitaph - www.chromehooves.net/Titan_Epitaph_main.htm

        F.E Warren ICBM & Heritage Museum - www.warrenmuseum.com

        Strategic Air and Space Museum - www.sasmuseum.com

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